RR Mark 1 Pallet Inverter
RR Type 1 pallet inverter is specifically designed to handle heavy or wide loads. It works on the principle of clamping, reclining back and rotating through 180°. in order to turn the load upside down.

90 Deg Pallet Inverter
Our 90° tipper is a customised tipping device to handle coils of steel or paper. Rather than using the rack and pinion system they are powered by one or two hydraulic rams pushing on a cam mountingand pivoting on twin bushes.

In line (production line) Pallet Inverter
In line inverters and used for the production line.

RR Mark 2 Pallet Inverter
The RR Type 2 pallet inverter is designed for the inversion of smaller and lighter loads. This compact model clamps and reclines hydraulically and turns by hand. It is most often used to invert stacked paper.