FSDC Pallet Inverter

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  • Product Code: FSDC
  • Manufacturer: Premier
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FSDC Pallet Inverter

Premier's FSDC Pallet Inverter is a dual-clamped model with 180 degree inversion. This system is used to create a larger jaw opening range so that even the standard model can handle loads from 640mm to 2mtr in height.

It is without doubt the most versatile system in the Premier range, transferring loads up to 4500lbs in weight and able to handle any standard pallet dimension. Its construction is rugged in the extreme.

The FSDC Inverter is mainly used by customers who wish to load at floor level by pallet truck. It therefore avoids the need to tie up a forklift truck and driver in busy loading bays or warehouses.

As with many of the others models, the FSDC is most commonly used to switch loads from one type of pallet to another. This could be from wood to plastic, from in-house to shipping or rental skids or just to eliminate non-standard pallets from a high-bay racking system. It is equally at home with bags, boxes, bottles, cans or paper stacks.

Operation of the FSDC Inverter is fast and efficient. A push button control system is standard with automation available as an option.

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When to use a FSDC Pallet Inverter:

When floor level loading is preferred.
For loads which range widely in height.
In tough environments with high throughput.
When one model must handle a great variety of loads
FSDC Pallet Inverter Extra.
The FSDC Inverter can be supplied in three basic formats. The ramp loaded version is suitable for goods which cannot be squeezed too tightly and may need to be supported by the side wall during inversion.

The floor-flush table model is even easier to load by pallet truck but the pallet must sit in the middle of the load table so it works best with product clamped tightly.

The FSDC Pallet Inverter is also available in a FLT loaded format when it can be used with wider ranging load heights than the FS. It can also be customised with bigger load tables and a greater jaw opening.

The letters FS in its name are actually an abbreviation of Free Standing indicating that this inverter is totally stable without floor fixture. However, most users find a permanent location for the machine and it is invariably bolted to the floor. Stainless steel, hot zinc spray and Steel It paint are all options with the FSDC.

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Usable jaw opening maximum 2.00m
minimum 0.64m ramp loaded tables
or 0.74m floor flush tables

Increased jaw opening models also available

Load tables 1.30m x 1.30m ramp loaded tables
1.40m x 1.30m floor flush tables

Normally supplied with 1.20m long loading ramp

Loading capacity 2000 kgs.

Power supply 3ph / 400v/ 20 amp
Motor size 4kW

Weight 2255 kgs
Weight of guards 175 kgs

Controls: Extended individual push button controls with semi or fully auto- sequenced systems available as an option.

Operating space: 2.80m wide x 2.30m deep x 2.48m high inc. attached guards

Depth increases to 3.31m when fitted with floor-fixed guards and multi photo-beams.

Standard shipping dimensions: 2.80m wide x 2.30m deep x 2.20m high with guards fitted.