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PREMIER PALLET SYSTEMS have been building pallet inverters for many years. The South African market place has grown considerably recently and we are pleased to be able to build and supply pallet inverters and pallet changers for such an expanding market.

We offer friendly and well informed response to your enquiries regarding pallet inverters etc. All of our standard machines are held in stock so we can ship them to any place in South Africa without delay. We also offer a custom build service for our pallet inverters so please contact us if you can't see what you require on this site.

We are proud of the fact that all our pallet inverters and pallet changers are built to meet the exacting standards of today's work place. With robust specifications they offer years of service in even the most demanding environment. As our machines are around for many years we also offer prompt after-sales service and well-informed technical advice at all times.

What is a Pallet Inverter?

In South Africa a Pallet Inverter is used to clamp loads whilst still stacked on the pallet and then to rota them safely. This allows for the extraction of broken pallets or goods that can then be replaced. A Pallet inverter is used to save time and increase safety.

  • FS Pallet Inverter
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    FS Pallet Inverter

    The FS is the simpler and less costly option where forklift trucks are available and ground level loading is not essential. It has a loading capacity of 2000 kgs (if you have lighter loads then please look at our DD1.25 data sheet).

    The FS is ideal for boxed, bagged or canned goods and is versatile enough to handle everything from yogurt and biscuits to bottles of wine or cement.

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  • FSDC Pallet Inverter
    Available Now
    FSDC Pallet Inverter

    The FS DC is the most adaptable inverter on the market and can be loaded either at floor level or by FLT. The standard model can handle loads from 2m down to 640mm in height.

    It can be set up to load by FLT or adjusted to open the tables to ground level for pallet truck access over a short ramp. We can swap the tables to provide floor-flush loading by hand pallet truck if required.

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  • V Changer
    Available Now
    V Changer

    New to our range the V Changer is an excellent example of how pallet changing is advancing. The move towards hands-free operation is well catered for with the V Changer. Allowing the original pallet to return to ground level means that it can be removed and replaced easily by pallet truck.

    The V Changer is built to the exacting high standards, as are all of our Pallet Inverters and Changers.

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  • Pallet Changer
    Available Now
    Pallet Changer

    The Pallet Changer is specifically designed to transfer palletized loads without manual handling of the pallet itself. It will accommodate pallets up to 1200mm in either direction with a height range of 2.0m down to 600mm. Totally automated; it represents the most advanced form of pallet exchange in our range.

    The Pallet Changer is best suited to boxed or cluster-packed product and is equally effective with tubs, drums and reels.

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